April 1, 2006

We don’t do torture

Filed under: Politics/News — 4fooey @ 11:53 pm

Statements by US officials, among them Condoleezza Rice, that they “do not do torture” are ridiculous. No-one would ever say or admit to torture, “Oh yes, we torture”. But to say that the US does not torture stretches the definition of torture beyond what most people would regard as acceptable. In the article Defining torture in a new world war the interrogation method known as ‘waterboarding’ is described;

“the prisoner is bound to a board with feet raised, and cellophane wrapped round his head. Water is poured onto his face and is said to produce a fear of drowning which leads to a rapid demand for the suffering to end.”

This IS torture, no two ways about it. Can the US administration not see that by using these methods, as well as so-called “rendition”, that they damage their claims to be on the side of ‘good’. Yes governments need to fight terrorism, but not at the expense of all the normal rules of law.


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