April 2, 2006

Wasted lives

Filed under: Politics/News — 4fooey @ 8:58 pm

It’s hard to imagine the mindset of someone who is prepared to become a suicide bomber. To be so commited, so dedicated to a cause, that you are prepared to kill yourself, usually in the pursuit of killing as many other people as possible. The tactic is employed in many parts of the world and appears to be on the increase. Apart from the terrible crime itself, of taking as many people’s lives as possible, I feel some pity for the suicide bomber. They are usually pursuaded either by their peers or driven by circumstances to do this. When there is a religious or political motive, or both, they are often encouraged or glorified by respective leaders. I think it’s about time that encouraging or abetting a suicide bomber should be made unlawful, in international law, and glorifying suicide bombing should be outlawed as well. It is a brutal, uncaring and conceited thing to encourage someone (often a young, desperate person) to commit such a desperate crime. It destroys lives and families, on all sides, the bomber’s and the victims’.

Take for example, this Palestinian mother, who’s son killed four Israelis in a suicide bombing on 30.03.06. Five lives were lost, five families and their communities blighted, a shocking waste. I blame the political, community and religious leaders on both sides for not finding solutions to this terrible situation; most blame should lie with the religious leaders for encouraging the suicide bombers and perpetuating the myth of martyrdom.


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