April 28, 2006

Supply (and demand)

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I think supplying illegal drugs is one of the greatest crimes against humanity and those gang leaders who head up huge drugs rings are the worst. That’s why I believe the sentencing for convicted drug dealers, and especially the ringleaders, should be a lot tougher than it is. Recently, one dealer from Scotland was jailed for 12 years for his part in a drugs ring that supplied heroin, cocaine and cannabis in Ayrshire. The drugs seized during the police operation had a street value of £61m. See the story Covert drug operation jails nine.

In this case, I think the sentence is nowhere enough; with good behaviour the guy could be out of prison in 6 years! This is not enough. Something more like 30 years or life would be fitting for such a henous crime. Drugs, and the criminality that surrounds them, causes so much misery to the users and their families, and whole communities, like that in Ayrshire.

I have a lot of sympathy for addicts and believe they should get help and treatment, like they do in The Netherlands. It’s the dealers who I despise; and of course many users sell onto to other users which escalates the problem.

The other issue with drugs is the demand. If there was much less demand for drugs, from occassional and recreational users, the drugs trade would suffer and may not be able to function as it does now. If you buy or use illegal drugs you are complicite with criminality; money laundering, prostitution, violence, theft, and so on. As a society, we should be a lot tougher on the issue of drugs, or the drugs trade. Drugs are not cool or desirable, as many seem to regard them, so I would advocate absolute zero tolerance.


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