May 24, 2006

Big Bother

Filed under: Media — 4fooey @ 12:55 pm

Could someone tell me the point of Big Brother… I’m almost at a loss to describe my complete contempt for this TV programme – and why do millions of people watch it? The seventh series has just opened with a rare collection of people, all ordinary folk of course! See ‘Twisted’ Brother opens its doors for the full story and line up. The producers themselves are alleged to have said this series would be “more twisted than ever”; this says it all and reveals their motives for this show. I have nothing against any of the people in the BB house (said to include four models, two gay men, a couple of socialites, a stockbroker and a singer with Tourette syndrome amoung the housemates) except that I cannot understand why anyone would want to do this, i.e. enter the BB house for a whole 13 weeks. And I can’t understand why anyone would watch this garbage.

I did watch & follow one of the Celeb BBs and have watched bits of other series in the past, but this series has stepped over the line of most people’s idea of good taste. I think BB certainly exploits the inmates, it blatantly exploits the viewers (gets them hooked, means more ad revenue, and revenue from the SMS messages, etc). Overall I think BB comes over as decadent and reflects very badly on all of us. When many parts of the world suffer from poor health, education and a lack of money, all we can do, in our millions, is be obsessed with this mindless nonsense.


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