June 1, 2006

Arse about grace

Filed under: Media — 4fooey @ 5:12 pm

The term “grace-and-favour” really irritates me, cos it typifies everything that is wrong with the media at the moment. Rather than engaging in serious analysis and debate, and discussing the real issues, like climate change or Iran, the media is playing its own part in tarnishing the government and in turn souring the whole climate of public life in the UK. The words “grace-and-favour” seem to preceed the name Dorneywood or any other government or charity owned property available for the use of government ministers. The term implies this is some kind of freebie or kickback but it is the official country residence of the¬†Deputy PM, past and present.

Such properties are useful to ministers for meeting foreign visitors and having some time away out of the limelight. Yeah OK, it does seem to be somewhat of a privilege as well but they have got to live somewhere. And yes the government, or rather certain ministers, has been making really stupid mistakes lately, but the media is determined to add their grist to the mill. They pander to the public’s current appetite to rubbish and do-down everything; it is relentless at the moment. I think we all suffer in the end, afterall it’s ‘our’ government, our country, and perhaps we should look at what we and the government do right, and leave all the trivial stuff behind, like “graces” and “favours”, ….arghhh.


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