June 21, 2006

More innocent lives lost

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It’s becoming a daily story; the indiscriminate killing of civilians and other innocent people including children. This is happening in Gaza, in Iraq, and many other places not regularly reported in the news. The latest case is where the Israeli government has ordered an airstrike on a car alleged to be carrying 2 so-called militants. The 2 men are said to have escaped, but persons near the car were killed and injured. The full story is here: Israel air strike kills children. This is in response to rocket attacks on Israel: since 2000 such rockets are said to have killed 5 Israelis. But even in this situation, how can a government justify firing missiles at a vehicle in a crowded street, risking the lives of innocent people including children. The air strikes on both sides do not solve the problems of that area, but I feel the onous should be on the Israeli government to show restraint and follow the rules of law. If they feel someone is reponsible for unlawful acts, they should send police or ground forces to arrest such people, then try & convict them properly.

Similar tactics are used by the Americans in Iraq. The recent well-publicised killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was achieved by dropping 2 500-lb bombs on a single house. Six people are alleged to have been killed in this raid. Maybe they were Zarqawi’s accomplices but we have heard little information about who they were, except reports say 3 men and 3 women were killed. Why didn’t the US ground forces try to capture Zarqawi, and at least save the other people in the house? Again, the US government should have done everything to save the lives of the other people in the house. By missiling the house they probably destroyed much valuable information about Zarqawi and his operations. The full story of how Zarqawi was tracked down and the aftermath is here: How Zarqawi was found and killed.

It seems that governments, and their armed forces, employ such heavy-handed tactics that undoubtedly inflame the situation. They should do everyting in their power to save lives, afterall that’s what they are elected to do, protect lives.


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