June 29, 2006

Time to start talking to the "terrorists"

Filed under: Politics/News — 4fooey @ 4:58 pm

An article by Zaki Chehab in the July issue of the New Statesman magazine, Al-Qaeda: still a step ahead, left me thinking “are we winning this so-called war on terror”, or even is it a war that can be won, by either side? Here is an extract:

“[there is] a wider religious dimension to the struggle of his organisation [al-Qaeda]. This basic failure of understanding by the west is not just a detail. It is being paid for in blood, not just by coalition forces but, even more painfully, by Muslim civilians who live in the theatre of a war they did not create.

Many wars or conflicts in the past have had a religious dimension, but also a political dimension, and on many levels surely you cannot separate the two. In this case do the West have right strategy in this current conflict with certain factions in the middle-east? The end-game in all conflicts should be to resolve differences and limit the damage (lives lost, property destroyed) in attaining a resolution. In the light of this, perhaps the West should negotiate with “the terrorists”, perhaps by inaugurating a peace conference on neutral territory to resolve the differences between east and west, in its broadest terms. Perhaps the “war on terror” is a non-starter, and it’s time to stop the killing and destruction and start talking to the “terrorists”.


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