July 20, 2006

A bloody mess

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Over the past months & years, Iraq and the continuing violence there has constantly been in the news. Following the abduction and killing of Israeli troops, the Arab-Israeli conflict has widened out and it has taken over the headlines. These conflicts are linked, not only in the main players, but also in their pattern of violence. Above all innocent people continue to suffer: many hundreds are killed, thousands are injured and made homeless, whole communities and infrastructures are destroyed. And many international bodies seem powerless to stem this tide of death and destruction. It is a terrible mess, and only made worse by the actions of the powerful governments, namely America and Israel.

In the August issue of The New Statesman, Zaki Chehab gives a reasonable assessment of the situation: War – Who can stop it now? To quote from his article:

..The message is that the only way forward is a long-term solution that will bring justice to the Palestinians and peace to Lebanon and Israel. And this can be achieved only by “an honest broker”: that is to say, one who can and will enforce a just peace plan on both Israel and the Palestinians. Israel must not be given preferential treatment. Forcing the weak party (the Palestinians or the Lebanese) to accept deals will ensure that those deals do not last.

..Behind the current crisis is the long-term crisis: the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

..Certainly, there are moral and logistical connections between Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas. If Israel continues and extends its attacks on Lebanon, this will only strengthen their bonds. They will also attract the support of many Muslims and Arabs who, though not potentially on the side of militant Islam, have many grievances with Israel and the United States.

The powerful governments (US, UK, Russia etc) and international institutions, like the UN and EU, owe it to the people of the countries involved in these conflicts to resolve this current and worsening crisis. Thousands of innocent people continue to suffer; the world should do something soon to save this situation.


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