August 10, 2006

Tired of the killing

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While the world’s media focuses on the conflict in Lebanon, and in the UK on the foiled plot to blow up several airplanes, the Iraq conflict continues. Today we find out about yet another suicide bombing, this time in a busy market place in Najaf: the BBC report it here Attack near Iraq shrine kills 35. The killing of innocent civilians goes on, and no resolution of this conflict is in sight. And while attention is elsewhere the conflict in Gaza goes on, with more civilians killed and injured, and the general standard of living made almost intolerable in that area. Lindsey Hilsum has reported on the continuing crisis in Gaza and takes a wider view in the New Statesman: The death of Israel’s dreams. In it she states:

“According to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), 170 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza in the past month, 40 of them children; more than 650 have been injured. Since Israel bombed the local power station in late June, electricity and water are intermittent. Borders are closed, and so commerce is blocked. ”

This has to be inhumane treatment, and possibly a crime under the Geneva conventions. When will the institutions such as the UN, the US, France, Russia, the UK, make serious efforts to resolve the situation in the middle east; this is the highest priority. The situation in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, indeed the whole area, seems to be spiralling out of control. Today the UK authorities seem to have stopped a plot to kill many westerners. But we should do all we can to resolve the situation in the middle east, before it is too late for many more innocent people in that region and perhaps closer to home.


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