September 7, 2006

Secret torture chambers

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So the Americans have finally admitted that they have a number of secret detention centres, run by the CIA, and used for interrogating chief suspects in their ‘war on terror’. This confirms what many people and organisations have said for a long time. When you really analyse what George Bush has admitted to, it is quite unbelievable. How do they expect to fight terrorism by illegally holding people captive in secret, for many years, and without charge, while interrogating those people using methods that can only be regarded as torture? In a NY Times article, ‘President Moves 14 Held in Secret to Guantánamo‘ of 6.09.06 (may require login), the treatment of one suspect is described:

“a wet rag is forced down a bound prisoner’s throat to cause gagging; intelligence officials have said Mr. Mohammed was subjected to that treatment while in C.I.A. custody.”

The world should be outraged at what the Americans have done in these secret prisons and are doing still in Guantanamo bay. And to blandly call this dispicable behaviour as a CIA “program” is truly jaw-dropping. These detention centers were & are secret torture chambers, no 2-ways about it. Granted some of these individuals may be a threat, but what happened to the rule of law and legal processes? If they have done something wrong, bring forward the evidence and put them on trial in a proper court of law.


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