November 9, 2006

Outrageous killing of innocent people

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Israel attack Gaza on a daily basis, killing innocent people. Over the past 4 months, 247 people have been killed, 57 of them children. The details of the latest carnage is reported here by the BBC: Israeli shelling kills 18 in Gaza. This cannot go on. The Israeli’s say their actions are in response to Palestinian missiles being launched into Israel; launching these missiles is wrong, of course, but the Israeli response is so disproportionate. As a relatively wealthy, democratic nation, the onus should be on Israel to show respect and restraint. There must be a better way to resolve the problems between Israel and the Palestinians; the international community should start up a conference to resolve this as a matter of urgency.

In the BBC report, they have some pictures and very telling comments from surviving Palestinians:

Abdul Moyid Ghassan, 70, farmer – “The international community has denied as the right of self-defence. But after today, we need more resistance to stop Israel from killing us.”

Hatim Hamad, 31, labourer – “The whole world sits back as Palestinians die. We are left to defend ourselves. But how can we fight when we have no tanks and planes?”

Khalid Kaberrita, 22, student – “It was the massacre this morning but what can we do? America backs Israel no matter what the country does. There is no peaceful solution to the current problems and we must take them into our own hands.”

Munther Abu Ramadan, 50, grocer – “The Israelis always tell the world they don’t kill Palestinian women and children but today is the evidence. We’re killed daily. I believe we have to fight the Israeli army; they have forced us into the corner. They say we are attacking them with rockets. But the world must see is that they are using missiles, tanks and aircraft.”

This spiralling situation is a tragedy; at present we can only expect more death and destruction, on both sides, but the Palestinians bear the biggest cost in so many innocent lives.


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