December 21, 2006

Drugs: scourge of the land

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The murder of five women in Ipswich has highlighted the effect drugs have on people and communities and demonstrates that not enough is being done to help addicts and stop drug dealing. The link between drug addiction and prostitution, as well as other illegal activity, is obvious to anyone, and is shown in the context of the Ipswich murders here: Cycle of drugs and prostitution. Following the Ipswich murders, many people have suggested that prostitution should be legalised but this not solve the main problem that women in prostitution face, namely their addition to drugs – in fact legalised brothels would continue to exploit such vulnerable women and may even encourage others into prostitution to feed a drug habit.

The other night I was watching Monty Don in his TV programme Growing out of Trouble and was really impressed with his passion and commitment to helping people off drugs. It shows what can be done to solve this problem, as Monty described it “the scourge of every provincial town, up and down the land.” The Drugscope program is a good thing too and should be extended to help more people.

The drugs trade and drug addiction truly is a huge and complex issue, but one that needs our urgent attention. The drugs trade is responsible for so much crime and drug addiction, it wastes so many lives and ruins families, and costs us billions of pounds. The main people who deal in drugs need to be hit hard, and people who take drugs for recreational purposes should stop; they are simply perpetuating this illegal and evil trade. Addicts need all the help we can give though.



  1. I came accross your interesting blog randomly;

    You’ve posited an interesting debate here, and one I’ve no doubt will carry on for a long time yet..

    Undoubtebly its a tradgedy that these poor women have died, I can’t imagine how their families and freinds are feeling right.

    However, and I’m far from an expert in these matters, but should “people who take drugs for recreational purposes…stop”? perhaps they should, but just like that? And what about legal drugs – who many argue are the gateway into illegal drugs? So, where does it stop – with alcohol, nicotine or even caffeine?

    To me, the law of the market prevails, economics you might say; there will always be men desperate enough to pay for sex, ergo there will always be women who will offer it for sale. Granted, the price may go up somewhat as supply is restricted. As will the cost of drugs if we pillory it even further underground. The simple truth is (to me) that drugs and prostitution simply won’t go away. They’ve been part of our culture since before the Greeks.

    Perhaps I’m a depressed pragmatist, but I’ve become more and more inclined recently to see the world in shades of ‘less bad’ as opposed to right or wrong.

    Of course, decriminalising prostitution, like drugs, feels counterintuative – why should making them easier to come by reduce their harmful effects overall? But by decrimilising them we legitamise the supply chain and perhaps cut out some of these violent individuals who force vulnerable girls into prostitution to feed their drug habits whilst lining their own pockets.

    You’re dead right however, when you say that “in fact legalised brothels would continue to exploit such vulnerable women”, but if were a betting man I would wager that they would be a bit less likely to be violently assaulted and abused if they are more closely supported by legitamate structures such as local government.

    Thanks for posting an interesting blog.


    Comment by jamon — December 21, 2006 @ 7:50 pm

  2. The relationship between prostitutes and clients in Ipswich is between two types of addictive personality – sex addicts and drug addicts.

    Far more resources need to go into sorting out the prostitute’s addictions and other problems, to enable them to quit the game.

    As for their clients; they should be criminalised; see what I’ve written about the Swedish approach in my blog.

    Comment by Flash — December 30, 2006 @ 11:08 pm

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