May 4, 2007

Tainted in blood

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This week saw the launch of a new range of clothing by Top Shop which has allegedly been ‘selected’ by Kate Moss. People were queueing outside Top Shop stores in order to get their hands on the first items in this range. The spectacle of seeing Kate Moss and Philip Green together in the media was quite bizarre, but this raised many other issues for me which seem to say a lot about society nowadays.

A while back Kate Moss was photographed taking cocaine. At the time her career came crashing down, but after a while of being out of the spotlight and a period in rehab, her career was relaunched and has blossomed – she is aleged to be earning far more than before the drugs incident. So it seems that fame or celebrity, plus the use of illegal drugs, is regarded in society as ‘OK’ or even a cool thing, and it is now proven to sell goods. Simply because of her fame, as a model and a celebrity, and her notoriety through her brush with drugs, Kate Moss is now held in the highest regard.

I have a lot of sympathy for drug addicts, those ordinary people who are hooked on this stuff, since it can be accompanied by many other problems such as family break up, poverty and criminal behaviour, such as prostitution. However I have zero tolerance for people and celebrities who use drugs on a casual basis, and seem to gain kudos from this. As for the dealers, they are the worst kind of criminals who are responsible for so much crime and misery within families and communities.

Back in Nov 2006 Columbia’s Vice President was in Europe promoting a campaign to persuade people not to support the illegal drugs trade by using drugs. The story is here: Moss singled out in drug campaign. Mr Santos said: “To me it’s baffling, that somebody who helps cause so much pain in Colombia is doing better than ever and winning more contracts than ever.” He continued, “We need to tell Europeans that [every] line of coke they snort is tainted in blood.”

I was really disappointed and angry when on the BBC’s Question Time programme, Thursday 3rd May 2007, none of the panel were prepared to speak against Kate Moss for profiting from her notoriety and association with drugs. When asked about her new range of clothes, they all brushed the issue aside saying that in a free country consumers will decide what is good or not. Can they not see the connection between the fame Kate Moss enjoys and her association with criminal behaviour both in Britain and abroad, that so badly affects and costs us all.



  1. She’s only held in the highest regard by no-brainers who want to be thin.

    It was amusing to see them all piling into the store to grab one of her frocks. Don’t these people have lives (let alone brains)?

    As for being ‘tainted’ – I wondered where the clothing she’s supposed to have designed is made? Is it ethically produced? Think that’s more interesting than her drug habits and poor choice in men.

    But then I’m not very interested in ‘fashion‘ or Kate Moss.

    Comment by Flash — May 5, 2007 @ 12:00 pm

  2. I hadn’t thought about where these garments were created, but like most of our ‘stuff’ it’s made in China or some Asian country. Globalization is here, like it or not, but we should at least insist workers in other countries get a fair wage – would be good to see Kate say/do something about this.

    As for people wanting to be thin – yes, this is a big issue for western society. I feel sorry for people who are so compelled to conform to an image society may hold as worthy, but then the media has a big part to play and does tend to promote ‘thin as good’. I was at least pleased to hear the new range at Top shop does have a range of sizes, not just 6s and 8s.

    Comment by butteray — May 8, 2007 @ 11:15 pm

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