June 8, 2007

G8 or not so Gr8?

Filed under: Development — 4fooey @ 10:52 pm

Another G8 is over and it’s hard to know whether to feel happy or disappointed. On Thursday it seemed as though there was a breakthrough deal on cutting CO2 emissions – for the first time America seems interested in getting together an agreement, through the UN, to cut emissions, and hopefully this will include China and India (who are not members of the G8, maybe they should be…). Angela Merkel seems to have managed to get some agreement and real movement on the climate issue.

And then today, a deal on Aid for Africa has promised $60 billion to help fight HIV-Aids, TB and Malaria – this is an amazing amount of cash, with over half of this coming from America alone. However, some people are saying that this does not represent anything new, and Bob Geldof called the whole summit a farce – it seems that some countries have not even delivered what they promised to give back in 2005. I think even with all the confusion this seems a good deal, so hopefully countries will deliver this time.

We do live in very uncertain times, with many important issues to solve, like climate change, global security, combatting poverty, etc. We need more co-operation to solve all these, but at least over the last couple of days some progress has been made.


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