July 9, 2007

Broken Britain?

Filed under: Politics/News — 4fooey @ 11:03 pm

Today three people were sentenced after being found guilty of the “false imprisonment and assault occasioning actual bodily harm” of an epileptic man called Kevin Davies – this appalling crime is reported here: Three jailed over shed prisoner. When I read about this case I truly felt sick – I cannot believe how three people can conspire to inflict such cruelty on another person, over such a period of time, as these three did. These “people” are hopefully in a minority (hopefully they are unique in their depravity) but I fear it is partly symptomatic of a greater lack of decent values in society and respect for human life.

It’s interesting that on the same day Iain Duncan Smith was in the news trailing a report he has compiled into what the tories call ‘Breakdown Britain’ – in it they portray the “social malaise” as a problem of debt and addiction, welfare dependency, family breakdown and education failure. A big part of their solution seems to be to support marriage – I’m not sure this is necessarily the key to solving any of these things, since there are plenty of lone parents bringing up children successfully, and there bound to be an equal number of “bad” situations within families with 2 married parents.

But nevertheless the problems are there, and plain to see – how we solve these issues is a difficult and complex issue, but I really applaud IDS for looking at this and trying to find some solutions. The three who imprisoned and tortured a man are truly evil people and hopefully are a one-off case, but I do feel in more subtle ways there are trends towards a more brutal, uncaring and selfish society that is having a very negative influence on society.


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