August 15, 2007

Truly horrific violence

Filed under: Politics/News — 4fooey @ 9:55 pm

Today has seen the true horror of yesterday’s attack in Northern Iraq revealed, and reported here: Iraq bomb death toll reaches 250. And the death toll is sure to rise as more bodies are discovered amongst the devastation in the Yazidi village near the city of Mosul in Iraq. This is a cruel, truly horrific crime against all human life; it is appalling.

In the TV reports of this attack, the stoning to death of a Yazidi girl earlier this year has been mentioned – she was killed for apparently having a relationship with a muslim. It’s hard to imagine how a community could do this to one person. This act is said to be behind this week’s attack, but it’s surely only part of the growing tensions between different religious and ethnic communities in that part of Iraq.

Some people have said that the American so-called ‘surge’ in Baghdad and other cities has pushed various militant groups into other areas like Northern Iraq. This may be a factor but it’s too easy to blame the Americans for everything – yes their tactics do not always seem productive – but the US has sacrificed a lot of men and resources into trying to stabilise Iraq. OK they invaded Iraq, and have added to the general breakdown, but really the lack of cooperation between the different factions in Iraq and in the current government are the biggest factor in the continuing terrible situation in Iraq.

Who ever is to blame, someone needs to get a firm grip on this and try to reach a solution to this violence. It would be good to see some kind of regional conference, in which all of the warring factions could come together and thrash it out round a table. The appalling violence in Iraq has to stop.


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