November 8, 2007

What is the monarchy for?

Filed under: Politics/News — 4fooey @ 12:50 am

The spectacle of the Queen and all her lords & ladies dressed up in ermine & tiaras for the ‘Queen’s speech’ yesterday emphasised to me how out-dated many aspects of parliament & our state really are. The Prime Minister himself should be setting out the government’s programme in the commons, not an un-elected monarch who has no real mandate to rule over us. Brown’s pre-Queen’s speech announcement a few weeks ago made this ‘main event’ all but irrelevant.

I marvel at the British public’s love affair with the Monarchy – it doesn’t make any sense and goes against all democratic principles. I can imagine a lot of people would be sad to see the monarchy pensioned off, but I think it should have no place in a modern democracy. The concept of a single person ruling over us all, simply by being born into a certain family, is an insult to each of us, our freedom and our right to be counted as equal.

It’s about time we got rid of the monarchy, all the unelected lords, and all the silly costumes (and while we’re at it why not the organised church – why do bishops sit in the Lords and why is the church involved in the affairs of the state at all?) – let’s have a truly modern democracy with 2 elected chambers and a written constitution, just like the Americans.

The Queen’s Speech finishes: “My Lords and Members of the House of Commons: I pray that the blessing of Almighty God may rest upon your counsels.” Says it all … what nonsense. Let’s have (gray) Mr Brown telling us what his government intends to do.


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