February 27, 2008

Desperate life on the streets

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On 21 February Steve Wright was convicted of killing 5 women in Ipswich back in October 2006. This case highlighted what a desperate, sad and depressing life these women lead – all of them were drug addicts and needed to fund their habit by working as prostitutes in Ipswich.

On the 22nd Steve Wright was sentenced to life in prison for the murders. On the same day, I was shocked and amazed to read in the leader column of the East Anglian Daily Times that, as a result of this case, they supported the legalisation of brothels – this is not the answer. You have to look at why women (and men) have to sell their bodies – to get money, often to fund a drug habit. Having legal brothels would not solve this basic problem, and in fact may attract more vunerable people to work in the trade to get money.

Legalised brothels would just exploit the people they ’employ’. Drug addicts and women who sell their bodies need help – help to get off drugs, to get into proper work, and in most cases to get back to a stable lifestyle. So the drugs trade is the real problem, and legalising the sex trade is not the solution. In some countries paying for sex is illegal.

On the same evening, BBC East broadcast a program titled ‘Where angels fear to tread’ showing a local businesswomen who had befriended an Ipswich women called Lou, who was a drug addict and working as a prostitute, and was trying to help her. Lou was 28, a drug addict, had been an alcoholic at the age of 12, had 3 children (now taken away from her), and had spent 2 years living in an outside cupboard/storeroom. The program showed the fragile and pathetic life drug addicts lead, and often how hopeless their cases are. The businesswomen was able to help Lou – she got a flat for her, but Lou is still addicted to drugs and working on the streets. This is a terrible situation.


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  1. The EADT hasn’t done its homework. In countries where they’ve legalised brothels, they’ve been used as a front for organised crime and the women are still exploited – the “happy hooker” is a myth. A London call girl who contributed to the comments on my blog told me she’s happy doing what she does, but still has to be very careful about personal safety. Billie Piper went right down in my estimation when she played the hooker in “The Secret Diary of a Call Girl” because she glamorised the profession. The real call girl who wrote the “Secret Diary” blog recorded providing services other than straight sex involving demeaning fetishistic behaviour. How is that glamorous?

    As long as a significant proportion of the male population continue to excuse their behaviour with the old lie about “consenting adults” things won’t change much. They need to answer questions like:

    If there’s nothing wrong with it, would you be happy for your wife, sister, mother or “significant other” to make the career choice?

    If you put “prostitution” in the search box on my blog you’ll find clients who brag about their use of sex workers. Read them and make up your own mind.

    Comment by Margaret Nelson — February 28, 2008 @ 12:54 pm

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