May 14, 2008

State terror tactics are wrong

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Over a week ago, the US launched a missile attack on a small village in Somalia, reportedly killing a so-called “terrorist suspect” named Aden Hashi Ayro and believed to be the mastermind of many terrorist activities in East Africa and elsewhere. The NY Times reported the attack here: Qaeda Leader Reported Killed in Somalia. In the report it says “An American military official in Washington, who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the operation, said at least four Tomahawk cruise missiles fired from a Navy ship or submarine off the Somali coast had slammed into a small compound of single-story buildings in Dusa Marreb, a well-known hide-out for Mr. Ayro and his associates. The military official and two American intelligence officials said all indications were that Mr. Ayro was killed, along with several top lieutenants…” The official death toll was said to be 10 or 11, but local reports say around 30 people were killed, including people in the surroundings buildings.

OK, this man may or may not have been involved in so-called militant or terrorist activities, but why attack him with (at least) four Tomahawk cruise missiles, which one assumes are extremely powerful weapons, which would inevitably involve killing many innocent people. If this man has done something illegal, then the Somali authorities should have arrested him and put him on trial. If the Americans have intelligence to suggest he has been involved in terrorist activities they could cooperate with the Somalis to bring him to justice in the proper legal way. Alternatively, the Americans could have put troops on the ground, with the permission of the Somali authorities, and arrested Ayro and his associates – instead they launch missiles from the Indian ocean and raize the village to the ground.

The actions of the AmericansĀ are nothing short of state terrorism – at the very least it may be counter productive to deal with “suspects” in this way, since it may encourage more people to wage jihad against the Americans. Based on their undisclosed evidence, the Americans have taken it upon themselves to kill this man and a number of other people, including several innocent people, on foreign soil – this has to be an illegal act. The Americans often employ these tactics, of striking “suspects” with missiles, and often many other people are killed – the same tactics are employed by Israel in the occupied territories and Gaza.


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