May 23, 2008

There must be a better way

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It seems that with the Crewe & Nantwich by-election people are seriously considering the Tories as a potential government – that prospect I find more than a little depressing. Not because I especially dislike the tories (although I prefer them the least of the 3 main parties) just that the great mass of people were once on the side of New Labour and now, for various reasons, they are prepared to swing across to the Tories. And so this merry-go-round, of switching back and forth from one party to the other, goes on — since I can remember this has been the case in UK politics. People must have short memories. Can they remember the eighties and nineties, when the tories were last in charge? I’m afraid the Crewe by-election does appear to signal the end of the Labour government, which is a shame.

In my opinion, David Cameron has had very little to offer in terms of policy. Since the 2005 election, the tories have been trying to distance themselves from previous tory governments — in marketing speak, they have been ‘decontaminating the brand’. Somehow they have been virtually unchallenged by the media, who obviously have switched, or are in the process of switching to the tories. For months now, the media has taken issue after issue to give the government, and specifically Gordon Brown, a good kicking, and have largely ignored any issues that do not fit their agenda. The government is accused of spinning, but the tories are just as adept at trying to use the media — the success of this strategy depends largely on whether or not the media is ‘on your side’. Clearly they are not on Labour’s side anymore. Overall though the media are a very destructive influence to the government and the morale of the country.

What worries me is that, although they have a nice new leader who plays well in the media, the Conservative party are really the same old party. Basically, tory governments cut taxes (often benefitting richer people), cut public services, and they tend to appeal to the most basic instincts in people, including selfishness and xenophobia. The really big issue that we’ve heard little about for months is Europe – apart from the recent EU Reform Treaty the tories have kept very quiet about Europe. As a party they are deeply Euro-sceptic. I would like to see much more openness about Europe, but in general we should embrace the European concept, rather than shying away from it. I feel there are many in the tory party who would want us to come out of the EU, which would be a backward step.

There are powerful forces at work in the world. The rise of the Asian countries. The price of oil/energy and food. The problem of international terrorism, and religious fundamentalism. The problem of climate change. We need to work together (in Europe, the UN) and with other countries (the USA) to solve these problems, and to do this we need a strong government, which can make the right long-term decisions. To achieve this we need to trust and support the government, and have an objective and positive media, that is supportive of the institutions of our country. At the moment the whole political environment is tainted by media cynicism. We need to get away from the tit-for-tat politics, boom-and-bust economics, and the traditional merry-go-round of the two main parties falling in and out of favour. Younger generations are not so interested in political allegiances — sure they want stuff to be done, and problems to be solved, but they’re not interested in the old political games – I believe most people are really tired of our political system. Today I can’t help feeling ‘Here we go again…’ with this seemingly fruitless to-ing and fro-ing between Tory and Labour. There must be a better way to manage things…


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  1. There is definitely a better way. We need a completely different political system. Democracy is a duff idea and the current implementation of it is poor.
    The current system encourages those who are self serving and egomaniacal to become candidates. This much is evident even to the casual observer when one sees how they abuse the expenses scheme for example and their fondness for getting themselves onto TV, into print and their need for ‘a legacy’ or to be ‘a statesman’.
    The current system also entrusts the poorly educated and misinformed to select from among these rotten candidates. It then further compounds its faults by ensuring the voting power is infrequent, that a terrible choice is hard to drop, that the choice has special immunity from the legal process while in power and that no provision is made to bring them back for redress after their tenure when their faults come to light.
    In fact, very little is good about the current system, other than it is better than some even worse systems. That should not be sufficient a reason to recommend it or tolerate it. I think it is time for a change.

    Comment by conceptualizer — June 3, 2008 @ 1:10 pm

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