September 23, 2008

The right man for the job

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If there was ever a time we needed Mr Brown, it’s now, amid the current turmoil in the financial system, which afterall is global in nature, and by that I mean not all of our own (or Gordon’s) making. Sure bankers and others have been very reckless and more regulation should have been in place, but it’s not all Gordon’s fault, most of the damage was done beyond our borders.

Given that there is a global crisis, the fact that Mr Brown has 10 years experience as UK Chancellor and is well-known amongst other world leaders, he should get our full support and be allowed to get on with the job. But alas I think he’s probably going to be out of a job quite soon — and I say this before his Labour Party conference speech which however well he ‘performs’ won’t make any difference. It’s a sad state of affairs, but I’m afraid the majority of people have given up on Mr Brown, and the media have done its very best to completely undermine his position.

I guess that if a miracle happens, such as he puts in a blistering performance (as judged by the media), dissenting voices in the party back off and the majority in the country decide he’s OK (or heaven forbid they start to like him), then perhaps he will survive and make it to the next election. And a lot can happen between now and May 2010, so there’s no reason to think that fortunes cannot be reversed and Labour win the next election under Mr Brown as leader. It partly depends on what the tories and Mr Cameron say or do over the next few weeks/months – btw, they have been mysteriously quiet during the past few weeks.

I wish the debate in this country could be a lot more grown-up, and less about personalities, more about the real issues. Climate change, energy security, terrorism, political instability, financial crisis, poverty, disease. All these are international problems that need to be solved by world leaders working together. Mr Brown has done a lot for eleviating third-world debt and climate change, for example, and should be left to get on with the job, here and abroad.


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